Privacy, Security, and Stability

Unlock the Power of P-20 Blockchain: Secure transactions, privacy-preserving smart contracts, and a stable value with PVT-USD, the native currency at the core of our innovative blockchain. Experience privacy, anonymity, and seamless decentralized applications.

Secure Transactions

Experience utmost security for your transactions, safeguarding assets and personal information.

Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts

Execute confidential agreements and transactions with privacy-preserving smart contracts.

Decentralized Ecosystem

Join our reliable and resilient decentralized network without central authority.

Stable Value

PVT-USD, our decentralized stablecoin, utilizes dynamic price adjustments to minimize volatility risks and maintain a stable value.

Unparalleled Transaction Privacy

At P-20 Blockchain, we prioritize the privacy and anonymity of our users' transactions. We achieve this through advanced cryptographic protocols called Ring CT and Ring Signature, which utilize a mathematical concept called Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

These protocols work behind the scenes to hide the specific amounts involved in transactions and authenticate users without revealing their identities. In simpler terms, it's like wearing a disguise and using a secret code to conduct transactions.

By implementing these robust protocols, we ensure that your transactions are kept confidential and protected from potential threats. This means that your financial information remains private, allowing for efficient and secure operations on our blockchain platform.


Secure Privacy-preserving Smart Contracts

At P-20 blockchain, we prioritize your privacy, especially when it comes to smart contracts. Our advanced cryptographic techniques, like Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) and ring signatures (RingCT and RS), ensure that your information remains private while maintaining the efficiency of the blockchain.

ZKP allows us to verify transactions and computations without revealing any sensitive details. It's a powerful way to ensure privacy and maintain the security of your transactions and data.

For your transactions, ring signatures serve as a disguise, concealing the specific details while ensuring their security and effectiveness.

With these measures in place, we place a high priority on safeguarding your privacy so that you may use the P-20 blockchain and smart contracts with confidence.

Decentralized Consensus

The P-20 Blockchain utilizes a unique approach called Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) to establish the order of transactions. This system ensures secure and efficient organization of transactions, promoting a reliable and trustworthy network.

To ensure the integrity and reliability of transactions, our consensus mechanism utilizes Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) to maintain the order of transactions, fostering a network where trust is paramount and transactions are seamless.

By harnessing our robust consensus mechanism, transactions on the P-20 blockchain are streamlined, instilling confidence among participants. Experience the seamless power and unwavering reliability of the P-20 blockchain, ensuring your transactions are secure and trustworthy at every step.


Price Stability

P-20 Blockchain employs an advanced mechanism to maintain the price of one dollar for its native currency PVT-USD. In order for PVT-USD to preserve its $1.00 price value our system automatically adjusts the coin supply to keep its $1.00 value. This process considers real-time market demand, trading volume, and external market conditions, ensuring a consistent and unwavering value of one dollar.

By actively managing the coin supply, P-20 Blockchain aims to mitigate drastic price fluctuations and provide users with a reliable Stablecoin.

The mechanism works behind the scenes, constantly monitoring market dynamics and recalibrating the target price based on the observed variance between the actual price and the desired target of $1.00.

Through this comprehensive approach, PVT-USD establishes itself as a robust and resilient digital Stablecoin, capable of providing a stable and reliable store of value at all times.


  • December 2022 - Phase 1

    Foundation and Infrastructure

    Infrastructure Development and Setup
    Technical Research and Design
    Prototype Development
    Testnet Launch and Bug Bounty Program
    Community Engagement and Developer Outreach

  • April 2023 - Phase 2

    Mainnet Development and Optimization

    Mainnet Development
    Consensus Mechanism Refinement
    Smart Contract Development and Integration
    Cross-Chain Interoperability
    Security Audits and Penetration Testing

  • July 2023 - Phase 3

    Network Stability and Optimization

    Network Performance Optimization
    Governance Implementation
    Developer Tooling and Documentation Enhancement
    Security Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    Partnerships and Collaborations

  • September 2023 - Phase 4

    Scalability and Adoption

    Scalability Solutions Research
    Developer Grants and Incentive Programs
    Market Expansion and Awareness Campaigns
    Collaboration with DeFi Ecosystem
    Continuous Research, Innovations and Major Partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section provides an introduction to the P-20 Blockchain and its features. It covers topics such as privacy, security, and stability mechanisms, and answers common questions related to the stablecoin.

  • What is PVT-USD?

    PVT-USD is a revolutionary stablecoin built on the P-20 Blockchain that aims to address the limitations of existing stablecoins by providing enhanced privacy, security, and stability.

  • P-20 Blockchain aims to overcome privacy concerns, security risks, and lack of stability faced by existing stablecoins.

  • P-20 Blockchain incorporates ring signatures, RingCT, privacy-preserving smart contracts, decentralized security, and stability mechanisms.

  • P-20 Blockchain utilizes ring signatures and RingCT to ensure the privacy of transactions, shielding user identities and transaction values from prying eyes.

  • P-20 Blockchain offers enhanced privacy, secure execution of smart contracts, and a dynamically maintained stable value, ensuring the confidentiality, security, and reliability of your transactions.